Transportation, Rail & Marine

Our clients within the Transportation, Marine & Rail sector rely on our deep reach and global presence to find them the senior leaders and talented experienced professionals to keep their businesses moving and growing. These global Shipbuilders, International Marine Service Providers, Public and Private Railways, and smaller maritime organizations trust us to locate and place top candidates in both shore- based and vessel- based roles, due to our rich experience and long service within this sector.

Recent Searches & Roles Filled Include:

  • Chief Operating Officer, Shipbuilding
  • Vice President, Project Delivery, Maritime Services
  • Director, Fleet Projects, Maritime Services
  • Director, Engineering, Marine Services
  • Cyber Security Manager, Shipbuilding
  • Vessel Manager, Marine Services
  • Technical Director, Marine Services
  • Director, Rail Engineering, Private Railway
  • Senior Labour Relations Manager, Private Railway
  • Captain, Marine Services
  • Supply Chain Manager, Marine Services


“Operating in the maritime sector in Canada since 1956, McKeil Marine takes great pride in the tradition of providing our customers with better marine solutions. From our humble beginnings as a tug and barge operator, we’ve steadily grown into a dynamic solutions provider.  McKeil Marine now owns and operates a versatile, niche sized fleet of ships, tugs and barges that operate throughout the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, East coast and Canadian Arctic.  

Our success has been with our crews both ashore and afloat working together in developing and executing solutions for our growing number of customers. 

Having some of the best and brightest crews in the marine market also has significant challenges particularly in our ability cohesively grow our management teams as we expand.  This year alone we have added and put into service three vessels that included two niche size chemical oil tankers.

It has been times like this that we have looked to partners like Tipping Point for our recruitment needs, who have made time to learn our business and are keen and able to supply our requirements at all levels.   Since being introduced to Tipping Point over 5 years ago, we have found ourselves a few times a year requiring their assistance on senior level vessel and onshore positions.  

Each and every time we have called, Tipping Point has always responded quickly with full understanding of our needs and presenting us with a screened and short list of candidates relevant to our needs. We are looking forward to Tipping points expansion into Europe and will continue to call on them when we have difficult to fill senior level roles in the marine sector.”

Olous Boag | Vice President Operations, McKeil Marine