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We Are Global Headhunters, And We Are Brilliant

We’re an outstanding Global Executive Search practice. Since 2008 we have offered incomparable service and value to our clients and maintained our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Our consultants are exceptional people, successful in their own right, they thrive in our culture and are passionately engaged in the challenging and rewarding career we offer them.

We Hear You Are Brilliant Too

You’ve been working as an Executive Search Consultant for a while. You’re successful at what you do. You have great relationships with clients and candidates. You are credible, professional and knowledgeable about the industries in which you operate. You’re skilled in both the business development side, and the delivery. For you, it’s not about being passed a file and hoping to score a match in your database. You have the skillset, confidence and experience to identify, attract, build rapport with and convert passive candidates to active applicants.

You Work Hard. You’re Successful. You Deserve More.

Our value proposition is simple. You can build a profitable and rewarding practice, in your speciality and geographical location, within our walls, for exceptional commissions.

We think you deserve more of the pie. We’re happy to share ours. Simply put, we offer the highest commission structure within the industry.

You’ll have the autonomy you desire but won’t be alone. Our collaborative team are there to support you every step of the way. You’re professional and self-regulated, so you choose how you work and where you work to best suit your success.

We’ll take care of stuff you don’t like. Branding, contract administration and invoicing are all managed through our centralized back office. Leaving you to focus on the fun stuff.

Make more money, be your own boss. Be in business for yourself but not by yourself and be part of something amazing.

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