Clean Tech, Environmental & Renewables

As the world searches for new ways to produce energy and make our planet more sustainable, it will require forward thinking thought leaders. At Tipping Point our goal is to find these key individuals with the drive and passion to make the world a better place for tomorrow as well as generations to come.

Roles Filled Include:

  • VP, Industrial Water Treatment
  • Director of Construction, Wind Farms
  • Site Manager, Wind Farms
  • VP Engineering & Construction, Solar
  • Senior Project Manager, Solar
  • Senior Project Manager, Wind
  • Sales Director, Waste Plastics
  • Chief Engineer, Energy from Waste


“As the world’s oldest testing, certification and inspection company, founded in 1828, trust and integrity are paramount to what we do. Throughout my 10+ years with the organization, we’ve carefully chosen our industry partners, holding them to the same standards we hold ourselves.

Tipping Point has been a valued business partner since 2010, across multiple regions and provinces. They are relationship-driven and really take the time to understand the complexity of our roles, the company dynamics behind them, cultural influences and value-drivers we’re looking for.

Through each placement I’m been impressed with how deep Tipping Point’s networks run in the industries they serve. They don’t rely on traditional resume databases to find the right candidates, with a reach that far extends LinkedIn and Indeed, and are 110% committed to finding the best talent on the market for the opportunity.

As a bonus to our relationship, Tipping Point has brought us insightful market intelligence about the sectors we operate in, in terms of the available talent pool, current market salaries, and any changes or interesting things happening with competitors. This has been a huge value-add throughout the years.

I know that the candidates Tipping Point presents will be fully pre-screened and fit the requirements of the role. They always present quality over quantity! I highly recommend their services for your next placement or consulting contract.”

Lawrence Levinson | Director, Customer Experience, Bureau Veritas

“We set out to find a strategic partner to manage our external recruiting efforts several years ago. Tipping Point was selected over several others considered simply by demonstrating alignment with our core business thinking, understanding our long term needs and vision and spending time in our business to appreciate our culture and values. We’ve not looked back since. Tipping Point has successfully solved needs at every level of our business. Very accessible at all times, prompt and efficient.”

Paul Holmes | Senior Vice President, Marmon Water North America