Your C-Suite leaders are the cornerstone of your organization. We recruit exceptional leaders; trusted advisors in their respective areas of expertise with the personal characteristics needed to succeed. Our C-Suite leaders have the gravitas to deliver strong results and demonstrate the vision, courage, integrity, humility and ability to plan strategically and catalyzing cooperation among your team.

Roles Filled Include:

  • President  – Medical Device Technology
  • Chief Executive Officer – Global Design Firm
  • Chief Financial Officer  – Industrial Building Services
  • Chief Financial Officer  – Real Estate & Property Management
  • Chief Operating Officer – Marine
  • Senior Vice President – Engineering & Infrastructure


We were introduced to Tipping Point by a Director of our Company, when we elected to go looking for a new executive for our management team.  Since Ventripont Diagnostics is a medical imaging equipment and software company, there were few candidates available and using a search company became necessary.  Being also a small public company, we had to be careful to conduct the search confidentially as we did not want to announce we were searching for a new senior executive until the position was filled. 


Tipping Point successfully found a candidate with experience in the sector and he was prepared to join an emerging small public company.  We have hired this candidate and he has already impacted our company in a positive way.  The service we received from Tipping Point was thoughtful, respectful and maintained our need for a low-key search.  All three candidates they identified would have added strength to our team and this speaks to Tipping Point’s ability to understand our needs.  It was a luxury to have a choice.  Working with Tipping Point was a pleasure’.

George Adams PhD | Chief Executive Officer, Ventripoint Diagnostics Ltd.